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What is Frequency?

We are surrounded by different Frequencies all day long and they can affect our mood and health to a massive extent. For example

  • Do you have some friends that seem to lift you up and others that seem to drain you?
  • Do you go to some places and it makes you feel great and other places make you feel not so good?
  • Do you find different Music from heavy metal to classic makes you feel different?

If you have answered YES to any of those questions, one of the reasons for this is because of different frequencies, and in this blog you will learn more how to understand them and how to influence them.

From Weapons To Healing

For thousands of years, Humans have been experimenting with different frequencies from radio waves to weapons. There are even stories in The Bible where the walls of Jericho came down from the different vibration of a combination of marching, horns, and singing. Which in turn apparently created a vibration that bought the walls down. Whether if this story is true or not, the foundation of it works e.g an opera singer can use a certain pitch to break a wine glass. Even when we look at the placebo effect in pharmaceutical drug trials, which can vary from 30 to 90% as effective as the drug being tested, what it comes down to is essentially it is your vibration to taking the placebo sugar pill, believing it will work, this is what effects the healing response.

Why Is It Important?

Frequencies and Vibrations are important to understanding. Because they can affect every area of your life. For example, you will have a frequency too:-

  • Earning Money
  • Your Health
  • Your Relationships
  • Your Play Time
  • Pretty much everything

Your gut instinct can feel these frequencies, these frequencies are communicating with you, it is just that we are not taught how to listen to them or even respect them.

What effects it?

There are many outside influences that can affect frequencies such as:-

  • The Weather can affect how you feel.
  • Nature which has a  Frequency around 7.83 Hz which has an overall balancing effect.
  • Wi-Fi has a frequency of around  2.4 GHz which can make you feel stressed if you are around too much of it…

Yet as well as many different outside influences, your internal thoughts and outlook on your life can affect your frequency. Also, different substances from Alcohol, Pharmetcical drugs to even the food you eat can affect your frequency. So if your looking to up your vibration in life we need to look at the areas we can have an effect on, such as enjoying healthy food, reducing EMF’s, connecting to nature and many other things like this.


I’ve been working on designing a meditation that can tap you into your frequencies in your life and you can use this mediation in any area of your life, from seeing or feeling the frequency in any Relationship you have to anyone, your frequency to  Money, to pretty much anything. Yet I’m going to concentrate on healing here. The 5 steps to the meditation are.

  1. Understanding
  2. Way In
  3. Allowing Insight and Change
  4.  Heart Melting
  5. Way Out


Is about have a basic understanding of what frequencies and vibration are and what they roughly look like if you were to measure them on an instrument such as this chart.

Way In

With most meditations, there is a way in. So you can do this relaxing in a sun chair, relaxing sitting under a tree, or as your falling asleep. And then simply start relaxing by taking some slow deep breaths, and let your mind and body feel at ease, as you drift into this relaxation response.

Ask yourself if you have any ache pains or if any part of your body would like some healing?

Then See/Feel/ Visualise the whereabouts of that area in your body. If you need to see an Anatomy reference before you start of the area that would be useful.

Then if, for example, it is inflamed go inside that inflammation. Into one of your cells in that area and then say hello ask how are you (I know this might sound a bit weird,the idea of this is you make a connection to that area) Then go into the Nucleus of your cell using visualisation and affirm “SHOW ME AT SOURCE THE FREQUENCY OF THIS CELL” ( I say this because it is scientifical proven that 99.9999999999% of everything including you is empty space, e.g you may be made up of mainly water yet water is hydrogen and oxygen which is a gas, so although it might be bit of a challenge to knock down a wall with your mind , yet we can relatively easily affect the frequency of our cells)

Allowing Insight & Change

Then once you have asked “SHOW ME AT SOURCE, THE FREQUENCY OF THIS CELL” you may get an image of a lake with lots of ripples on, whatever you see is perfect go with what comes up. Then say CANCEL and what you will see e.g the lake will go flat and still. Then say show me a frequency that will bring healing to that area, and just like dropping a pebble into a calm still, lake and watch those calm ripples, wave across the lake. Then you can say show me a color that will amplify this healing and whatever color comes to you allow that to permeate through your lake.

Heart Melting

At this point, you may have a feeling to sigh out through your mouth with an AHHHH sound which will help you drop into your heart, your heart is without a doubt your most majestic amazing healer when you rest here as well as feeling the connection to the area you are healing, you may get some healing and insights.

Way Out

The way out of this meditation is, if you are doing this just before your going to sleep, is to simply fall asleep and allow the healing to continue as you sleep, knowing you will wake up, more refreshed and happier.

If you doing this as a short meditation during the day, simply go back into the cell, then into the body part, then notice your breathing, squeeze your hands a few times and then come round in your own time. Feeling more refreshed and joyful.

Wrapping Up

So there you have a meditation that you can see if it has an effect on your health or any area of your life.

The secret is asking that question show me the frequency at the source of, my relationship to this person, to money, to health etc….

And then using frequency to change frequency, your thoughts affect your frequency.

Be Well

Enjoy Your Frequency

Tony Be

Natural Health Coach 



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    1. Hi. Sounds very interesting.
      I too would like to see any photos or videos of the aura.
      I have always gone through my life on intuition and common sense. I think this is connected to vibrations that must affect the brain and heart and stomach.

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