The Negative Effects of Social Media

The Negative Effects Of Social Media

Pros and Cons of Social Media

Although Social media can be used for a lot of good, from connecting people, education, to letting people know about events and much more.

Sadly a more destructive side has sneaked in as well. In this blog I will share with you what are some of the main negative issues to be aware off with Social Media, and what can we do to help craft out a better experience with social media.

Deppersion On The Increase

It is an estimated statistic that suicide is going to be the biggest cause of death in young adults within the next 10 years, second to road traffic accidents. We know the use of antidepressants is one of the largest selling drugs in the world, plus these drugs come with a whole load of side effects. So there is something seriously going wrong here.

It is clear that the negative side of social media is at present ripping apart the social fabric how society works. Many users report that they feel more depressed, more isolated from using social media and are literally addicted to it like a drug.

70% of users have experienced some type of harassment or bullying online. And because we naturally compare things, the problem with social media is often people only show the positive side of their lives. And this can cause many people to feel they are missing out on something in their life, which can breed emotions such as envy, jealousy, entitlement, and bitterness. Rather than measuring yourself against yourself, and comparing REAL to REAL and connecting with your friends FACE TO FACE.

Why Does This Happen?

Negative effects of social media This happens because social media giants employ attention engineers to keep you hooked onto their platforms, in a similar way, a gambling casino works, it shows you shiny treats for THE MAGIC OF MAYBE. Then you get a dopamine effect when you pull the leaver of a fruit machine, or you get a like, a thumbs up or even a smiley face. Then the social media platform gets in return data about you, so you can be sold too, for maximum profits.

The downside of all these short fixes of dopamine hits is that it short-circuits your brain, and you fragment time, constantly checking things, this lowers your ability to concentrate on one task at a time, and it is harder to complete tasks or long-term goals.

Safe Guards

We now know the dangers of being addicted to social media, just like we can get addicted to Alcohol or cigarettes. And both alcohol and cigarettes once upon a time had no age limit on, the question is would it be a good idea to have an age limit on social media of 15 years old?

Whether or not If this comes into place or not. In the meantime, my health tips on this issue would be, first of becoming aware of them, and limit your use on social media.

  • Avoid looking at social media first thing and the last thing in the day, rather start and end your day with a meditation or something that brings you some feeling of wholeness.
  • Have a cut-off point during the day from social media and if you are on holiday have a few days social media free.
  • If you feel isolated and you work allot from home, try working out more in cafes or libraries.
  • If you are working a lot on a screen, I highly recommend these glasses that block out blue light from your screen, they cost around £10.99 so they are not expensive, the plus side is that it helps you stay relaxed while you work and you have less anxiety from using them. It might look a bit geeky, but who cares. The picture contains an Amazon link if you are interested.

Here is a well presented Ted X Talk on the effects of social media on your Mental Health.

Many people are already feeling this negative effect from Social Media, and are crafting out a better more balanced experience with it, but in the same way, as an addictive drug can get its hold, we need to be aware of this to rise above it.

“This is a really bad issue that really needs to be considered.”

Keep Well, Live From Your Heart

Tony Be

Natural Wellness Coach

The negative effects of social media

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