What is SAC Therapy

SAC (Sigma Antibonding Calcium Carbonate calcium) is the world’s first ionized calcium treatment that re-establishes calcium homeostasis by reversing cellular to systemic calcification, resulting in restored optimal cell signaling, reduced oxidative stress, and rejuvenated mitochondrial functions. SAC triggers our body’s natural healing mechanisms to reverse many difficult chronic degenerative diseases that had no real hope.

Toronto Health Show 

As one of the main stage speakers, Pronuvia presented SAC calcium at Total Health Show 2019 in Toronto, Canada. You can learn about the science behind SAC from this 2-hour presentation.

IAIM Conference 

As one of the main speakers, Pronuvia introduced SAC calcium at International Anti-aging and Integrative Medicine (IAIM) conference.

The Truth About Cancer 

SAC was also featured in the well-known documentary The Truth About Cancer (Eastern Medicine - Singapore episode) by Ty Bollinger.

Download The SAC Book

More technical information on SAC can be found from this book ”SAC for Calcium Signaling” written by the inventor of SAC, Dr. Paul Lee, you can download it free here..

Digital version

Download Dosing Protocols 

SAC Therapy Dosing Protocol can be found and also downloadable in the link below.

SAC Therapy Dosing Protocol

Introduction To SAC Therapy

Below is the link for reading and downloading Introduction to SAC Therapy booklet that can be shared with patients.

Introduction to SAC Therapy

Where Can You Get SAC Therapy?

SAC Therapy is only available from doctors, clinics, and health care practitioners,  to consenting patients who are looking for an adjunct, adjuvant, and alternative treatments.

The Ozone Spa is now partnered Pronuvia who are the proprietary of SAC in the United States. As a Health Care practitioner Tony now helps his clients, with a treatment plans with using SAC Therapy.

SAC  products are not sold over the counter or online, unlike other supplements, but are dispensed only under the care of participating health practitioners. SAC is to be treated as therapy with strict protocols and should only be prescribed as such.

If you are interested to learn more you can book a SAC Therapy consultation with Tony.

Sigma Anti-Bonding Calcium

Free SAC Consultation

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