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Here at The Ozone Spa are passion is addressing the foundations of what creates Great Health for our clients, and optimizing your Mineral Levels and knowing your intolerances are two of those key factors. This video here explains how it can help you increase your health.

What Are Minerals?

Minerals are essential to your life, but often, are ignored or misunderstood. Without minerals, your body wouldn’t be able to function properly. There are over 29 minerals divided into two classes – major and trace – based on how much of them your body needs. There are five major minerals in the human body, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and magnesium, and some of the trace Minerals are sulfur, iron, chlorine, cobalt, copper, zinc, manganese, molybdenum, selenium and many more.

Levels & Ratios

Every chemical reaction in your body is based on minerals interactions, so if you’re lacking in them, certain chemical reactions will struggle to happen if at all. On the other side also If you have too much of a mineral it can also cause a negative effect.
Every mineral does a slightly different roll in the body, form Making Strong Bones, Detoxing, Balancing your Hormones, Easing your Stress Levels, Relaxing Tight Muscles, Giving you Energy to Even Helping you do a phoo.
As well as getting the levels optimized, not too little or not too much. It is also important looking at the ratios of minerals to other minerals, as there are many different reactions between different minerals, some support each other, some push each other out. So with the Mineral Test results, we can see the levels and ratio.


There is a growing body of evidence that suggests a link between heavy metals and significant developmental and neurological damage.
Toxic metals have a negative effect on the healthy development of babies and children and are implemented in a multitude of possible serious health conditions. On our test results, Heavy Metals are also shown up, such as mercury, Aluminum etc.

Sadly we are living in a time of high pollution in our environment. Every person is exposed to pollution to some degree, and these pollutants and heavy metals cause sickness, fatigue, and disease. Certain minerals help to clear these out of the body, such as selenium helps clear mercury. But the downside is the heavy metals push the good minerals out of the body, so by seeing the heavy metal levels we can clearly see what needs balancing and why.


Here are some examples of Mineral Deficiencies and the negative effect they can have, yet there are dozens of other health issues caused by Mineral Imbalances.


Minerals, such as chromium and zinc, if lower than optimal will affect many functions in your body including your taste, and your blood sugar balance. A disruption of either can lead to food cravings and constant desire for sweet foods, making losing weight even harder.


Your energy production is also dependant on your mineral levels, a less than optimal level of minerals in your body can lead to you feeling tired a lot of the time.


Can be made worse by an imbalance in minerals as many minerals such as Magnesium can help you feel calm, yet too much magnesium can make you feel depressed.


On the day you do your hair test, either with our online program, or we do it in our Ozone Spa in Torquay.
We ask you to fill in a basic form, name address etc. and then we take a small hair sample from the first inch and a half of growth closest to the scalp or at the nape of the neck.

We then send the form with your hair sample to a specialized lab. Once the sample arrives at the laboratory it is prepared for testing by several specialized procedures and then the sample is placed in multiple test tubes. Special acids are then added that begin the breakdown or “digestion” of the hair. These acids combined with a high-temperature environment will allow the separation of the elements contained within your hair protein. Once your hair is completely “digested” only the mineral salts remain. After being put into solution, the minerals are then analyzed by highly sensitive and specialized instruments.
It can take up too 3 weeks before you get your results back, yet normally it is about 2 weeks.

What You Get

With your test results, you will get 4 graphs
⦁ Mineral Levels
⦁ Toxic Ratios
⦁ Trace Minerals
⦁ Heavy Metals
You will get a detailed 5 page plus report which will explain in detail what you need to do, to help optimize your mineral levels and what are the ideal supplements for you.

Intolerance Testing

Because we are comprehensive in what we offer our clients and get to many of the possible root issues, we also offer an Intolerance Test. Which is done in the same way as the mineral test, but is sent to a different lab to be analyzed.

Why We Offer This Test

One thing that is often hindering people health is subtle intolerances, this is not an exact science as with the mineral test. Yet the results and testimonies from hundreds of clients clear antidotal evidence that this intolerance test that we offer our clients is very beneficial to help improve the overall health.

The Harmful Effect Of Intolerances

Just as something could be one person's food it could be another person poison. Because of our different blood types, metabolism and other factors different foods suit different people. Intolerances can cause health issues from bloating, digestive issue, increased inflammation to weight issues.

How Do We Get Intolerances?

There is no clear scientific evidence showing how we get intolerances. Yet if I was going to make an educated guess from my research. It would be that from eating a certain food under stress and it has not properly been digested and the body has remembered it as a slight irritation, or the food is covered with a mold of chemical such as round up and the body has remembered it as an irritation.

What You Get

You will receive between 1 to 3 pages highlighting what foods, Molds, Substances could possibly be causing a slight intolerance. And I high light here "Could Possibly Be Causing An Intolerance" This is because intolerances can often change and often simply by leaving a food out for a few months, can clear an intolerance. Yet we have been working with these intolerance test results for over 5 years, from personal experience to hearing back from our clients. And hearing back from our clients that they acknowledge how spot on they are pinpointing these intolerances

detailed mineral report your greatest wealth

Detailed Mineral Report £69

Which includes your mineral levels, your mineral ratios, and heavy metals 

food-intolerance-test your greatest wealth

Detailed Intolerance Report £54

Our bio-resonance intolerance tests provide results against 300 food items in one easy to understand report.

If you would like an Intolerance Test or Mineral Test we offer them both at our Spa, or we can post you the form if you wish.

How to understand your mineral report

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