The Health Benefits Of Nano Gold

Traditional Use Of Nano Gold

This journey of understanding Gold as a health supplement or beauty treatment has dated back thousands of years and today modern main stream medicine, is using  nano gold in helping treat cancer and Alzheimer.

The human body is composed of many elements, including Gold,  the average person’s body weighing 70 kilograms would contain a total mass of around 0.2 milligrams of gold.

But one thing that we can no doubt agree upon is the fact that our farm soils are totally depleted of this precious mineral plus many other key minerals and noble metals. If gold is an element needed in human nutrition, the only way we are going to get it is through supplementation. The anecdotal evidence and scientific evidence is clearly showing many health benefits.

You can buy gold leaf to decorate food, which is expensive,yet because the particular in gold leaf are much bigger than nano gold, the leaf gold would more than likely just to pass through the body. Where as nano gold is something else as you will see…

Tests show Nano Gold greatly improves brain and nervous system function by improving nerve cell conductivity.

Health benefits shown of Nano Gold at the highest quality include reducing symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s and other brain degenerative disorders, as well as helping those trying to overcome depression and anxiety.                                                                                                                                                                            Possible Symptoms of Gold Deficiency:

  • Mental fog, forgetfulness and low IQ.
  • Sleep disorders – insomnia and inability to relax.
  • Overweight – obesity.
  • Gastric and digestive disorders.
  • Arthritis and other joint inflammations.
  • Hypertension, high blood pressure, and muscle tension.
  • Inability to deal with stressful situations.
  • Reduced creativity.

Posh Skin Creams With Nano Gold

Liberty’s In London, one of the most famous shops in the world sells Nano Gold skin creams for £370 for 50 ml. I’m sure it is pretty good, but it is crazy expensive.

Several studies in Nano-medicine indicated the major potential role of colloidal gold in the wound healing process. Colloidal gold delivers nutrients and oxygen to injured cells which helps speed up the skin’s healing process. The ability of colloidal gold to activate the cellular renewal mechanism in the skin can help reduce the signs of ageing such as wrinkles, lines, sagging skin and loss of elasticity. It also strengthens skin’s barrier function and protects the skin from irritants and allergens.

Where can you get Nano Gold from?

Many company’s make nano gold as a health supplement and you can find it on amazon for example if you click this link…

The important factor in buying nano gold is looking at the purity and the size of the particle and if is made with chemicals or with high voltage electricity, as explained below.

How Is Nano Gold Made ?

Colloidal Gold can be made in several ways using different chemicals and Wikipedia shows you all the methods Yet Nano Gold is much smaller than Colloidal gold and the process of making nano gold is extremely dangerous as a very high voltage current has to run through pure gold roods suspended in 000 PPM pure distilled water and every 5 minutes the rods need reconnecting and this process keeps repeating itself over 2 hours for every 2 litres. So it is very time consuming and dangerous to make. Yet for the consumer this type of nano gold, made in this way using high voltage electricity, is the purest way to make nano gold as no added chemicals are added it is just pure gold and pure distilled water.

Toxicity Of Nano Gold

While Nano Gold particles themselves appear to have low or negligible toxicity. The literature shows that the toxicity has much more to do with the Ions rather than the gold nano particles themselves, the synthesis of them involves chemicals that are hazardous. Such as Sodium borohydride, a harsh reagent, is used to reduce the gold ions to gold metal. The gold ions usually come from chloroauric acid, a potent acid.

This is only when colloidal gold is made with chemicals. Yet when nano gold is made with pure distilled water, pure gold and high voltage current then no ions are produced making low if negligible toxicity or no toxicity.

The Start Of Medicine Using Nano Gold

The use of gold in modern medicine began around 1890, when the distinguished German bacteriologist Robert Koch discovered that compounds made with gold inhibited growth of the bacillus that caused tuberculosis. His work was honoured with the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

The EPR Effect Of Nano Gold

EPR Effect stands for Enhanced Permeability and Retention Effect – this is a property where certain sized molecules tend to accumulate in cancer cells more than they do in normal cells.

So in other words, gold nano-particles tend to act like mini magnets to cancer cells, they can target them, and accumulate on them without any outside help.

Furthermore, with Gold Nano particle’s large surface area, researchers use them to bind molecules to enhance their cancer targeting properties.

Gold Nano particles also exhibit a unique Physico-chemical property called “Surface Plasmon Resonance”

Surface Plasmon Resonance or SPR  is when light or energy waves hit Gold Nano particles  making the electrons in gold to resonate, causing them to heat up.

When gold nano particles collect inside cancer, researchers will heat them up using lasers, the heated gold nano particles kill the cancer cells, without harming the healthy tissues surrounding the tumour.

Study of Gold Nano particles ability to Halt Cancer from Metastasising

The first study comes from Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech).

In this study, the researchers coated gold nano-particles with an antibody that sought out a protein that cancer cells use to produce lamellipodia and filopodia.

Once the particles attached to the cancer cells they blocked the protein’s functions, reducing the growth of lamellipodia and filopodia which slowed the migration of the cancer cells.

Then after the gold nano-particles had collected on the outside of the cancer cell, the researchers used a low-energy laser to heat up the particles causing the lamellipodia and filopodia melt and become mangled, which halted the cancer cell from metastasising.

Read more about the study hereThwarting metastasis by breaking cancer’s legs with gold rods – Medical X press

Nano shell Therapy: Using Gold to Fight Cancer


The mice which where treated with the nano gold and infra red laser lived for a year to a year and a half , the other mice lived for just over a month.

Zapping Tumours with Gold Nano-shells and Light

2nd Study of Gold Nano-particles ability to Halt Cancer from Metastasising

The second study is from the Department of General Surgery at the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University in Guangdong, China.

In this study, the researchers determined that cancer cells promote a cellular process called ‘epithelial-mesenchymal transition'(EMT)

‘EMT’ is a process in which epithelial cells lose their polarity and gain increased motility, which is associated with metastasis and invasion of cancer cells.

The data demonstrated that Gold Nano-particles (AuNPs) could induce tumour vasculature normalisation and reverse EMT, resulting in decreased melanoma tumour metastasis.

‘Click’ this link to see: an image of how well Gold Nanoparticles (AuNPs) reduced cancer cells from metastasizing on a mouse lung

See the full study hereGold nanoparticles attenuate metastasis by tumor vasculature normalization and epithelial–mesenchymal transition inhibition – NCBI

Another common method of research using Gold Nano-particles is to attach or infuse the GNP’s with a drug or radiation.

The researchers attach antibodies to the GNP’s that also contain a DNA shell that instructs the shell to open once the GNP’s have entered into their cancer target, delivering the drug.

There has been a lot of research using chemotherapy drugs attached to Gold Nano-particles.  So far this research has shown the drug killing the tumour, with a lot less of the harmful effects associated with chemotherapy on it’s own.

Another commonly used method of research that kills cancer cells using gold nano-particles incorporates the use of radio waves, this research is also known as radiotherapy.

This form of cancer research involved injecting a test subject with gold nano particles with cancer targeting antibodies attached to them.

Once the gold nano-particles had collected into the cancer cells, the area with the cancer, of the test subject, was placed under a radio wave machine.

Studies proved that this method killed the cancer cells using nano gold’s Surface Plasmon Resonance properties while leaving the rest of the healthy tissues in the body unaffected

Gold Nano-particles Could Treat Prostate Cancer with Fewer Side Effects than Chemotherapy


Claims About Colloidal Gold Benefits.

No claims are made for Nano Gold. The foregoing information is based upon research which was gathered from several websites, including Pub Med sites from various countries, that are believed to be reliable and which are readily available to the reader. It is presented for educational purposes only and not as medical advice.

Nano Gold is not a medicine and is not meant to prevent or treat any disease. Any possible benefits to be derived from using a Nano Gold supplement is  strictly nutritional.



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