Feel It & Heal It

Don’t Think. It Feel It.

I’ve heard about this stuff with healing emotional stress with your heart for years, and I thought I knew about this, and I  also kind of dismissed it at the same time, because my ego thought it knew better. Yet recently the depth and simplicity of understanding the power of my heart has gone to another level and in this blog, I will share with you, my insights into resting into your heart and the profound insights and healing that comes with it. So you’re in for a treat.

Although thinking has its place for doing Sudko puzzles and other similar things. My question to you is how far has your thinking got you when you’re looking to unravel emotional stress?

I would say that in this situation the thinking mind, or the stinky mind, fester’s over emotional stress, just as flies hover over shit, buzzing around and around and often contaminating food. Or translating it to emotional stress, that this stress contaminates other areas of your life.

The trick is don’t think, feel it.

Relax The ForeHead

One of the keys to easing the thinking and to feel into your heart is to relax your forehead. If you like try it now, with your eyes closed or open, see if you can relax your forehead. It is a modern day epidemic the crinkled brow, information overload, with too much to do. Yet now feel that it is almost impossible to think with a relaxed forehead, can you feel that?

The sigh

All the techniques here are super simple here, yet they are very effective. Remeber simplicity is genius. The next gateway you can use to drop into your heart is, breathe in through your nose and breath out. And sigh through your mouth, make it a long sigh and take that sigh all the way, then melt into your heart.

What Do You Know Is True

Another path into your heart is to ask yourself what do you know is true? Truths for me are things like, I Experience, I feel, I see, I hear, I’m part of nature and if they resonate with you, you can use those examples too, or something along those lines. Then use that truth that quality to navigate to your heart. e.g. I experience my heart, I hear my heart, I feel my heart.

Find Your Center

So know the idea is, and it is simply an idea, a signpost, not something to understand or think about, rather to simply feel. You can experience this any time when emotional stress arises or simply in a nice moment.

That you take that journey from the head to the heart, you may decide to relax the forehead or take a sigh.

Then once your resting in your heart, with e.g. an emotional stress.  Pain often comes up first, such as anger, hate, rage, or something similar.  At this stage avoid the temptation to run away from the pain, and to jump back into the thinking mind to try to fix it, to try and work it out, to try to say why you are right and the other person is wrong, to justify yourself, to pass blame etc.

RATHER REST THEIR IN THE EXPANSE OF YOUR HEART. And get the direct experience.

Have you noticed it hurts more closing your heart than opening your heart and getting hurt? There is a moment in healing emotional stress called  Pain Bliss, or Plain Bliss where for a short period of time the pain evolves and transmutes into insight and grace. Then the heavy closed heart is lightened, which lead to enlightenment of the soul.

The key to healing so many emotional issues is forgiveness, of others, yet, even more, it is often about forgiving yourself. But if you forgive with your thinking mind it often lingers in the background like a smelly fart. But with when forgiveness comes from the heart, you can smell the roses again.

If your heart is hurting you can try rubbing some rose oil diluted in some argan oil, to help you smell the roses.

So there you have my simple guide to melting emotional stress in your heart, and although it is a short physical journey of only a few centimeters from your head to your heart, it takes a Peaceful Warrior to make that journey. To find your center and walk that path of a Peaceful Warrior.

Plus laughter always helps, and if you can laugh at yourself your halfway there.

To living from your Heart 

Tony Be 

Health & Wellness Coach

Author of “Your Greatest Wealth”

Creator of The Ozone Spa Torquay 


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