The Secrets To Inner Peace

Inner Contentment

Often when you really ask someone, what is really important to them in their life, they will often say it is about feeling happy, yet when you dig a bit deeper, experiencing inner peace or inner contentment is one of the most lovely feelings and most treasured emotions. Yet it often eludes us, and in this blog, we will look at what are some of those secrets to experiencing more inner contentment in your life.

The Benefits

The benefits of being at ease with yourself is that you’re happier with yourself, and happiness boosts up your immune system, you live longer, you live more in the present, your more likely to have better relationships, your more likely to be successful, and be more deeply committed to lifelong goals, your be better at negotiating deals  and pretty much every area of your life is benefited from you feeling at peace with yourself. So no wondered is it is such a treasured emotional state.

What Sabotages it?

It is predicted by 2030 suicide is going to be one of the biggest causes of death in the young adults as well as road traffic accidents which are often linked together depression. So as depression goes up, suicide goes up and also road traffic accidents go up.

The causes of this are many, from the fast pace lifestyle to high expectations. To less face to face social interactions and more isolated social media interactions. Which often shows a false sense of reality where everyone else is extremely happy and living this most amazing lifestyle.

This can breed the thought that you’re missing out, that the grass is greener on the other side and a sense of entitlement that you should have it as well. Whereas in real life has its ups and downs, there are struggles and challenges, yet we have the strength and resources to overcome them.

Then when many people feel this pain of feeling unhappy,  they turn to alcohol or drugs to numb the pain out, the problem here is when you numb the pain out, you numb other things out especially your inner peace.

Then to top that off, we have highly paid advertising architects whos aim is to make us feel unhappy unless you buy their product they are selling. There is nothing wrong with material things until you caught in the trap. Those things will bring you happiness.

The other downside to being caught in the materialistic trap is you will constantly be chasing the next toy the next thing and there is no stopping point, the bar just gets higher. And often this causes people to care less about other people and the earth. And these 2 things also bring you happiness.

The Good News

Through scientific research, they have worked out there are 3 key factors for you experiencing more inner peace in your life, which are…

  • 50 % is from Genetics, this is lifestyle conditioning, inherit traits from our parents DNA, and although I partly agree with this, I believe this percentage can be reduced in favor of you having more control over this, than this research findings, if you do a bit of work on yourself.
  • 40% Is Controllable, that means you have a choice.
  • 10% Situation. Where you live, Your Job, Your Relationships, Your Health etc.



The real secret here is LESS if you can find happiness in the little things from haveing a cup of tea with a friend to enjoying a walk along the beach, barefoot with feeling the warmth of the sun. You will tap into your inner peace. Many things that are completely free often brings the biggest sense of inner peace.



If you can simply work for enjoying your work, without grasping for the results or the fruits, it simply takes a lot of unnecessary pressure off.

In this highly competitive world, we often get caught up aiming for the end goal, rather than enjoying the whole journey.

To Appreciating Your Happiness

Antony Taylor

Natural Well-being Coach







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  1. Jackie Grace, Soma sister x

    Beautifully and simply put, I love it! So I’m off to welcome my 3rd Grandchild into the world.
    many blessing to yew and your family.

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