6 Key Sides To Foundational Healing

What Our The 6 Key Sides?

At The Ozone Spa, we see many of our clients coming to us with, different health challenges.One main issue we come across time and time again. Is that we see our clients lacking in applying the core foundations of  supporting the body, in the healing process and excepting miraculous  results without getting the basics right.

Without these core foundations, healing the body is either slowed down, or the process is stagnated.

Why The Rubic Cube?

As an analogy we use The Rubic Cube to help get the message across. The Rubic has  6 sides and let’s say each side represents one key foundational part of healing your body, when all the sides are lined, then the body is in optimal healing mode.

So the 6 key sides are…

  1. Recharge and Reboot (Increasing Your Electrons and about Sleep)
  2. Healing Water (Learn about 3 types of water)
  3. Taylored Nutrition (Nutritional advice for a specific condition)
  4. Bacteria Mould and Toxins (Balancing your gut bacteria and reducing Mouldy environments )
  5. Energy System (Learn how to balance your energy)
  6. Mind Over Matter (Your thoughts create your chemistry, how can you use this to your advantage)

1.Recharge and Reboot

All your cells have an electrical charge, and when your vibrantly healthy, this charge is higher, if  have a health challenge then that charge is slightly diminished, and when we  pop our clogs then obviously that charge is zero.

By regenerating your electrons,you help recharge your cells, so your cells can do all those wonderful jobs they do for you on auto pilot. You can recharge your electrons by standing barefoot on the ground, breathing the air in a forest or next to a waterfall where the air is charge with lots of negative ions. If you live in the city you buy an air ionizer for your room to help increase the negative ions. Also magnetic therapy helps recharge the cells. Not enough can said about having fun, socializing, being part of your community and having lots of hugs to help also recharge you.

The Reboot part is about getting the best night sleep and waking up feeling refreshed, and many naturopaths say that this one factor is possibly, the most important square on this formula, so we have written a blog on this if you would like to read the blog, how to get the best night sleep here is the link. Please Press Here link

2.Healing Water 

The amount of chemicals in our so called drinking water is probably best kept to the minimum.

Why Two Brita Filters?

The simplest way to get good quality filtered water is to buy e.g two brita filter jugs. You buy two because once the water has gone through one filter, simply pour it through the next filter, and this will give you good quality filtered drinking water at a good price.

Distilled Water + Minerals 

The next level would be to get a water distiller, that make very pure clean water,yet the downside with distilled water is that this type of water does not have any minerals in it at all. The solution with drinking distilled water is to add some minerals, you can buy mineral drops, or if you soak some himalayan rock salt in a jam jar with some water, this water solution is rich in electrolyte minerals and you can simply add one or two teaspoons of this diluted salt solutions to the distilled water. This way you have very clean water with beneficial minerals.

What Is Deuterium-Depleted Water ?

The next level water would be deuterium-depleted drinking water, and this really is another level. Research shows that decreasing the level of deuterium in the tissues and organs is a natural biological process. However, the body’s ability to deplete deuterium decreases as we get older. This natural system is the target of the deuterium depleting procedure. By changing the deuterium level of drinking water below the natural level, the deuterium content in the body can be kept to a low level. If you have a health challenge it maybe worth considering drinking this type of water for a period of time, or to use as preventive health care.

3.Tailored Nutrition 

If you have a health challenge, more than likely there is something that your eating is adding to the issue.

At The Ozone Spa, we use these 3 areas to help you turn your food into your medicine…

  • Common Sense Stuff
  • Food Energetics
  • Nutritional Testing

Common Sense Stuff

This is about cutting out the crap and increasing the good. The tips are look for quality food without nasty chemicals sprayed on them. Avoid or reduce processed foods, refined white sugar, refined flours, processed diary. Instead choose if you eat dairy look for organic unpasteurized dairy products.  Instead of refined flours choose sprouted flours, instead of white sugar, choose dark brown sugar, stevia or xylitol.Increase local organic  produce.

Food Energetics 

Western medicine just misses this part right out, yet in Chinese medicine this is fundamental. When you have a health challenge, their will be an issue of either damp, heat, cold, low energy , high energy or energy stagnation in the body. A qualified Chinese Medicine Practitioner can read  your  tongue  or  your pulse to work out which it is,we  can do  this  for  you  at  spa.From  that  we  can  give  you recommendations to help  rebalance the imbalance.

Nutritional Testing

If there is a chronic health condition, more than likely, their will be some food intolerances and mineral deficiencies and at The Ozone Spa we offer nutritional testing to help personalize any nutritional guidelines to you. To find out more please go to our Nutritional Testing menu bar.

4.Bacteria Mould and Toxins 

Having a healthy microbiome is part of your immune system, we coexist with good and bad bacteria. When we have the correct balance it is a key foundation to your health. Yet if you have had a course of antibiotics this can wipe out your beneficial bacteria as well as the harmful ones. And often after a course of antibiotics sometimes the harmful bacterias can increase their levels.

The simplest solution is to take a probiotic supplement for 3 to 6 months after any course of antibiotics such as Micro Max, to help recondition your friendly bacteria.

To buy this supplement, if you click the image it will take you straight to their website.

At the CHECKOUT in the shopping basket, if enter “THEOZONESPA” as the “practitioner’s reference code” you will get 5% discount.

The Mould and The Toxin Part 

This is an area that is often overlooked by mainstream medicine and naturopaths let alone Joe Blogs looking for answers for a health issue. Environmental house mould needs to be taken very seriously by 25% of the population who are genetically vulnerable to mould from buildings. The spores that leak into the air from a damp buildings can create a toxic chemical soup which can be very harmful if breathed in. This Toxic soup could be one of the leading causes of many health issues such as fibromyalgia,IBS anxiety, headaches to depression and is often misdiagnosed completely from the real cause. If you have symptoms that have not gone away from many other interventions, House Mould maybe worth looking into more and this book goes into much more detail on this with clear solutions.

5.Energy System 

We are energy beings, and chinese medicine has know this for over 2200 years. Balancing your energy and nervous system is another key essential. Each person is different and needs to find their own formula and way. Some examples would be practicing yoga, tai chi, having acupuncture, seeing an osteopath or chiropractor.

Also having a good Morning and Evening Routine that aligns to either a great day, or a good night sleep, bookends your day, to help you build upon balancing your energy system.

Plus also being aware of how much EMFs are around you, such as wifi hubs, smart meters , mobile phone masks, how often do you put your phone near your head to how many microwave meals do you have. Which all these areas, simply look at how many can you reduce or keep to the minimum.

We like this quote from Bruce Lee. Because an easy life, you don’t get much from it, yet if you have the strength to overcome those challenges in life, that is something special.

6.Mind Over Matter

We are very blessed with the internet, to be able to access many world renowned teachers in mind over matter techniques, such as Wim Hof , Dr.Joe Dispenza, Marisa Peer. You can literally make yourself well or sick with your thoughts as the many placebo  experiments  have shown this. Your mindset, is a fundamental key to having a good relationship, to having a good work play balance, to the art of feeling comfortable when your not comfortable. This is a big subject, so we are not going to go into details here, yet below if you click on any of the images below, the link will take you straight through to these amazing teachers Youtube pages, where can watch and listen to some incredible techniques on Mind over Matter.

Rounding up

The cube is you in a way, and represents different sides of your wellbeing, if you bring these factors together, we are sure that this will help bring a strong foundation to your wellbeing.

We hope you found this blog interesting, any comments please post below.

To your health and happiness

The Ozone Team

Tony, Alejandra and Kerim

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