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A Smart Way To Go To Sleep

Their is a smart way to go sleep and then their is, or how shall we put it , not such a smart way. In this Gangster Buddha blog we will share with you some very simple , yet very effective tools to help you round of your day, in a positive way which will carry forward into your next day.

The four areas we will look at are…

  • Stretch Out For Tomorrow
  • Mediation
  • Satisfaction List
  • Seed Plant

Stretch Out For Tomorrow 

They say your mind can be your worst enemy, or it can be your best friend. This factor all hinges on how you train your mind, and you can train your mind at any point of the day. Yet as you will discover in this blog, your evening  time before you go to sleep, is such a window of opportunity  to train your mind because as you sleep whatever emotions you carry into your sleep will literally grow. e.g. If you fall asleep with stress hormones, more stress hormones will be produced as you sleep, and you will be able to harvest your group in the morning, to add to you feeling even worse, and so the cycle will begin again.

In this video from David Goggin’s, you can hear that every word that comes out of his mouth , is from his own experience of how he trained his mind.

David Goggin’s stretches out every evening for 2 hours. We believe adding a stretching routine in the evening whether it is 15 minutes or 2 hours has many benefits. Such as easing out tension, to be able to switch on the relaxation nervous system.

As your melting into the stretches with your breath, connect to your innate intelligence ( the part of your mind that watches your thoughts, the quite still voice which is always wise) as you stretch out embody every part of your whole being. When your mind is still , you can also have a few moments thinking about what your going to do tomorrow. This all helps with your alignment for the next day. ( Just in case your stuck in ground hog day , this is the time to ask yourself how can I make small changes in the right direction from this point)


Long term emotional Stress clearly shows it has a negative impact on the body.  Research shows  that mediation helps you to calm your mind , as you calm your mind you feel better. We really believe that the secret to inner peace, in feeling inner peace. We really love Marisa Peer’s, guided mediation. Their are many free ones on YouTube and here’s one to get you started, on feeling inner peace…


Satisfaction List 

Your brain loves satisfaction, the reason we bring this point up. Is that if you think of 3 or 5 things that have brought you a sense of satisfaction from this day, as your finishing your stretching routine or near to, as your falling to sleep.  Satisfaction gives the brain closure, compared to thinking about problems which opens one line of thought , which opens to another. Do you see the difference?

Seed Plant

The final part of this master plan to give you a clear mind and clear night. Is that if you plant a seed thought just before you fall asleep it will germinate as you sleep. So the seeds are in your hands, what thought would you like to plant just before you go to sleep. Here are some suggestion.

  • ” I’m going to wake up tomorrow  feeling really motivated.”
  •  “I’m going to wake up tomorrow feeling calm and peaceful”
  • ” As I sleep my body is filled with light and every cell of body is rejuvenated”

As you can see you can plant whatever seed you wish. Plus to take this step, one stage further, Marisa Peer, is one of the best coaches in the UK,  and on this video,  she  will show you a simple technique of self hypnosis and if you combine this with your seed plant, this will make this amazing technique even better.

It is well know that getting up early and connecting to the stillness in the early morning , has a profound positive effect on your day. The secret to getting up early, is going to sleep early.

# I’m Gangster Buddha / Evening Assignment

To enhance your  Gangster Buddha abilities, is to put in the graft, and home your skills, it is by repetition, enjoyment and reaping the rewards of these techniques ,that these tips come to life for you. So your assignment if  you  accept is to test out the 4 suggestions and see, and feel what works for you.

Lets us know what you think of these tips

Antony Taylor & Alejandra Garcia

Creator of  The Ozone &                                                                                                              Natural Health Coaches, Authors of Your Greatest Wealth                                                                                                  Specialises In Ozone, SAC, Hydrogen, Nutritional Therapy and Mindset Meditation Techniques

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