Carbon 60

What Is The Fuss About C60

The reason why so many health coaches around the world are recommending Carbon 60 is that it is showing by personal testimonies and scientific research that by supplementing with C60 it helps remove toxic damage, it helps you live longer, and people are reporting they think more clearly, sleep deeper,recover better after workouts, and have better energy levels during the day. Most people I’ve spoken too say they feel the benefits within about 2 to 4 weeks. But I would say the long term use is where you would see the larger benefits. My personal experience is that I’ve supplemented with C60 for over 8 months now and the extra energy I’ve got going to the gym feels great, my mind is so much clearer and the joint pain I had is pretty much all gone now, and I can feel the benefits getting better by the day.

What is C60

All of life on this planet is carbon-based and carbon 60 is a recently discovered form of carbon, consisting of 60 carbon atoms shaped like a hollow football. This unique and indestructible bond between carbon 60 and hydrogen forms a diamond structure and this nano-sized structure can bond to 58 molecules of hydrogen and targets our mitochondria where 90% of our oxygen is metabolized.

Carbon 60 is suspended in oil like olive oil, and it has very similar properties to hydrogen. It improves longevity, protects against free radicals, prevents inflammation, kills viruses, protects nerves, prevents osteoarthritis, improves obesity, and is antibacterial.

When Was C60 Discovered?


The Noble Prize

In 1985 Carbon 60 or Fullerenes as they are also known were accidentally discovered by three scientists: Robert Curl, Harold Kroto and Richard Smalley, and in 1996 they all received the Noble prize for chemistry for this discovery.

The Benefits Of C60

Some of the benefits people are reporting from taking C60 are…

  • Improved and Deeper Sleep
  • Increased Mental Clarity
  • More Energy
  • Increased Motivation
  • Concentration Improved
  • Stronger mind/body Connection
  • Calmer – reduced stress

C60 Is The Oxidative Stress Killer

Oxidation happens as our bodies metabolise the oxygen that we breathe and our cells produce energy from it. This process also produces free radicals, which affects our cells.Free radicals are normal and necessary to some degree. In addition to causing some damage, they also stimulate repair. It is only when the amount of free radicals produced overwhelms the repair processes that it becomes an issue. That is what is called oxidative stress.

  • Oxidation happens under a number of circumstances including:
  • when our cells use glucose to make energy.
  • when the immune system is fighting off bacteria and creating inflammation.
  • when our bodies detoxify pollutants, pesticides, and cigarette smoke.

In fact, there are millions of processes taking place in our bodies at any one moment that can result in oxidation.

Oxidation increases when we are physically or emotionally stressed. And as long as you have enough anti-oxidants, a careful balance is maintained and damage is kept to the minium.

Oxidative stress happens when the amount of free radicals exceeds the number of antioxidants. That’s when oxidation damages our cells.C60 is shown to help clear up this oxidative stress.

2012 Baati Rat Study

In the 2012 Baati Rat Study, one group of rats took 24 doses of C60 during their entire lifetime, over a period of just 7 months, starting when they were 10 months old. The increase in lifespan is officially 90% (nearly twice as old!) but in reality, it would be even higher because Dr. Fathi Moussa admitted recently that they killed the last surviving rat when they were 5.5 years old because they wanted to wrap up the study.

There is no substance to date that prolongs the life of mammals longer than C60 in olive oil. Not even the most expensive supplements such as Resveratrol come remotely close, and neither are those supplements supported by such solid evidence as the Baati study.

Full study available for rent or purchase here:

C60 Made In Devon

Here in Devon at The Ozone Spa, we expertly mix pulverized carbon 60 with the best quality organic oils such as olive oil, Coconut oil or Argan oil. The process takes roughly 30 days, by magnetically stirring 2 grams of pulverized
carbon 60 in 2 litres of organic oil for 7 days in 500ml batches, then we Sonicate for 15 minutes. the next step is to allow it to rest for 10 days, then filter the oil through 25 microns, then we allow it to rest for another 10 days and finally filter it once more through a 10 microns vacuum filter, before it is bottled.

We make sure each ingredient is of the best quality and the whole process is done in the minimum of light in order to protect the oil, we know the quality of oil matters as much as the quality of the pulverized carbon 60. Because there is such a demand for Carbon 60 at the moment the waiting list for the raw ingredients are high, so at the moment we can’t guarantee we will always have stock of C60, we are working on this to have a regular supply, but when it is in stock we aim to supply the best quality C60 you can get.

Argan-Oil White

If you are interested in purchasing some C60, please Contact Antony or Alejandra on 0755 3023753 or by using our contact page.

100ml our C60 made here in Devon is £40

Telomere Test

The age of your cells can be determined by measuring telomere length. Telomeres are the protective end-caps of chromosomes which prevent deterioration of the cell and allow for proper replication. Telomeres become shorter with age and poor lifestyle choices, eventually failing to protect cells. When this happens, the cell no longer properly divides, leading to cell death. Telomere length is controlled by both erosion and addition, with erosion happening when a cell divides and addition is determined by the enzyme telomerase. Telomerase exhibition can be increased through certain health supplements such as C60 healthy diet, exercise, and even meditation. Short telomere length is also found to be an indicator of early-onset for age-related diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancers.

The great thing with this is you can take a Telomere test before you start taking C60 and then retest in about 12 months time and people are finding a huge improvement in Telomere length from taking C60.

You can get an approved laboratory peer-reviewed Telomere test from. VIAMEDEX Genetic Laboratories

Carbon 60 Research Papers




We make no medical claims, promises of results, or anything insinuating a ‘treatment’ or ‘cure’ regarding Carbon 60 Oil whatsoever.

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