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About Tony

Tony’s passion is about empowering his client's step by step, to build daily healthy habits to help them increase their overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Antony’s nickname is Tony Be and his parents owned a small corner shop selling everything from handbags to grandfather clocks in Torbay, Devon. They started with a very small loan and built up a large luggage importing company from almost nothing. Both his parents worked really hard, so much so that Tony would hardly see them when he was growing up.

At fourteen he was at a boys’ boarding school in Bournemouth, where he got bullied; at the same time his parents were getting divorced.

The hardest part for him at that stage of his life was that he felt all alone and didn’t know who to turn to.

As he didn’t know how to deal with all his emotions at that time, they got bottled up inside him. At age 14 in 1988 he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, which is ulceration of the large intestine.

The doctors put him on large amounts of steroids and immunosuppressants, which worked for some of the time, but came with unpleasant side effects.

Over the years he managed the symptoms and lived what looked like a normal working life from the outside, yet it was really challenging for him. By the age of 18, he was running wholesale luggage warehouses in Birmingham and the East End of London, dealing with highly stressful situations, which resulted in more flare-ups of ulcerative colitis.

So, from an early age, Tony started getting really interested in what could help. Food seemed an obvious place to start so, alongside his main job, he did a part-time one-year course in Food Energetics and Nutrition with the International Macrobiotic School in Bath.

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Then, as he was getting some Shiatsu massages, he developed a fascination with how Chinese medicine worked and took a three-year diploma course in Shiatsu Massage.

He found that Yoga and Mediation also helped a lot, so he also studied for three years part time on a Dru Yoga and Soma Yoga Teacher training course; he trained with Dr. Peter Guy Manners learning about Cymatics, he studied NLP, he learnt about the teachings from the 3 Principles, literally anything that could make reduce the symptoms he was interested in.

Even though he knew all of this information and practised these powerful healing techniques, he was still having major health issues.

So at 32 he quit his main job and moved to Portugal where he taught Yoga and gave Shiatsu Massages. Life was pretty good for him at this period, yet the ulcerative colitis was still in the background.

Three years later, this turned into cancer of the large intestine. His consultant recommended he should have his whole large intestine removed.

At this point Tony had been trying to manage his symptoms with medication and nutrition for over nineteen years, going from one expert to another. Mentally, he’d had enough.

So he decided to go ahead with the surgery, which was a successful operation that gave him an internal pouch made from part of his small intestine. It works really well, and he sincerely thanks the surgeon who did a really great job.

Now, by combining all his experiences, training courses and personal research, he has created The Ozone Spa which includes all the best of what he has learnt over the years and how all these different areas of healing work together.