About Tony

Tony's passion is about empowering his client's step by step, to build daily healthy habits to help them increase their overall physical and mental well-being.

At the age of 14, Tony was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and although he did all the main steam conventional drugs with Steroids and Immune Suppressants, which did help keep some of the symptoms at bay, but in times of stress the symptoms would flare up again.

From an early age, Tony started getting really interested in what could also help mange these symptoms alongside his main stream treatment.

Food seemed a good place to start so, alongside his main job, which was a handbag designer he did a part-time one-year course in Food Energetics and Nutrition with the International Macrobiotic School in Bath. He found Shiatsu massage really helped and completed a 3-year Diploma in Shiatsu in 2000. He also found Yoga helped and completed a 3-year diploma in Dru Yoga in 2008.

Yet throughout this time the ulcerative colitis was in the background and in 2010 turned into cancer of the large intestine. At that point, he decided that the best decision at that time was to have part of his colon removed which was a successful operation. Now 10 years on Tony has been all clear and lives a pretty healthy happy life and has an amazing Son now.

Throughout this time, the question he asked himself was. "If I was not born with ulcerative colitis what caused it when I was 14". From this question , it drove his passion looking for answers. He has studied natural medicine around the world, from China to Mexico and has trained with Marisa Peer,  Dr.Joe Dispenza, Mantak Chia, Ai Ping, Shaolin Monks, Tony Robins, and many other amazing teaches.

He has realized that a lot of the answers are really simple, such as getting good sleep, eatting well, having a healthy microbiome, good exercise and having a good mind set, feeling good about yourself. Yet as simple as that is to write, to implement it is another story.

Over the years Tony has been helping his clients master all those areas.




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