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Confused, What Can Help!

We have got client’s with osteoporosis, who have said to us. I’m in a lot of pain, and I want to able to play with my grandchildren on the floor, but find it hard to bend down to play with them, is their anything that can genuinely help?

In their frustration, they have also said to us “I’ve tried many things to help from supplements with Calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesium ,Vitamin K2 , Sulphur to Silica, and  nothing has helped at all, and that they are fed up with all the hype and confusing terminology, and don’t want to hear a about a magic cure. So we really get it, and we will try our best to make this blog as straightforward as possible.

We do have a medical breakthrough called SAC Therapy backed up, by 10 years of medical research, that can make a huge improvement and in some cases completely reverse osteoporosis, and on this blog we will share with you  how it works and why it works.

What Is The Difference Between Good & Bad Calcium?

People have said to us, what is the difference between harmful calcium and beneficial calcium, surely they are the same thing, calcium is calcium! This is where the problem starts, and where we will give you the clarity on this.


Think of the bad calcium as big chunks of gravel, big large particles, it is old, worn out, and has no life force it. This type of calcium causes kidney stones, calcification between the joints and many other health issues, as well  this type of calcium ,cannot rebuild bone density.

This type of bad calcium comes from 3 main sources…

  1. The body using the good calcium over a long period of time, and once it has lost its active ionic charge, it turns into this bad calcium.
  2. Sadly many calcium supplements contain this bad calcium, which you need to be cautious off.
  3.  A lot of our food contains protein calcium. Which when your young and you have plenty of active ionic calcium, it converts this protein calcium , into active calcium ions (the good calcium). Yet if you are low in the active calcium ions which starts reducing from the age of 35 in most people. The body may struggle to convert this protein calcium into good calcium.


Compare this to a young active ionic calcium, that is super Nano small and has an active charge, it is raring to go, to get on with doing  healthy calcium jobs.  It is this type of calcium that is medical proven to increase bone density in people with osteoporosis.










Death By Calcium   

Sadly for decades people have been misinformed, that we can prevent bone loss by putting more bog standard harmful calcium in our body. More recent studies have not only confirmed the ineffectiveness of  basic calcium supplementation in regard to bone protection. But  have also warned against the elevated risk of a heart attack due to vascular calcification. This calcium displacement also happens in soft tissues, joints and even at the cellular level. This type of calcium causes a lot of harm and no benefits.

According to Dr. Thomas Levy, the author of “Death by Calcium,” calcification of this harmful calcium is the leading cause of chronic degenerative diseases.

What Causes Calcification?

Calcification is caused by  the loss of calcium from our bony reservoirs that triggers body-wide calcification together with unused protein-calcium.

Protein calcium can come from many of our food and health supplements, if you have plenty of  active  ionic calcium, as you do when your young, then this protein calcium can be converted into healthy calcium and then it can be utilised , yet if you do not  have  these healthy active ionic calcium minerals, then this protein calcium can causes issues from joint pain to kidney stones, and cannot help rebuild bone density.

Calcium is the most difficult and misunderstood nutrient because unlike other nutrients, simply supplementing standard calcium does not
resolve the deficiency, nor does it protect against thinning bones. Hence, more and more Orthomolecular Doctors (medicine that aims to maintain human health through nutritional supplementation) advise their patients not to take calcium supplements for fear of calcification that may pose greater health risk than fractures.

A healthy diet and an active lifestyle may help slow down bone loss. Still, no supplements or drugs, until recently, has been proven effective in reversing bone loss and clearing the calcium displacement (calcification), which is suspected to be one of the primary causes of ageing and degenerative diseases and even cancer.

What Is The Solution !

The solution to all these calcium issues is providing calcium in its physiologically-active ionic form instead of protein-bound
calcified form. This is the active calcium ions your body has in abundance when you are young.

Calcium in ionic form triggers bone-building osteoblasts to rebuild thinning bones, and at the same time clear systemic
calcium displacement( Calcification between the joint or at a cellular level)

The good news is that Pronuvia has developed over 10 years of  medical research an active ionic form of calcium, which is called SAC Therapy. This supplement liquid solution is the same healthy calcium that you have in abundance when you are young.


When Do You Expect To See Improvements?

80% of clients on SAC Therapy, feel an improvement within the  first 3 months. Yet a chronic osteoporosis  did not happen over night. A full protocol can last up to 18 months, with a small maintenance dose afterwards. So by no means, is SAC Therapy a quick fix, yet it has medical research that proves, that in many cases, it can increase a bone density score of someone with osteoporosis to a normal score.

The aim with SAC Therapy is that with each month we are looking for small steady improvements, which can be confirmed scientifically by measuring the T-Score (Bone Density) Or seeing calcification in a joint reduce or disappear through an X-Ray. As will as the T-Score count, it is about hearing back from the clients of less pain and feeling stronger, and from this we know we are going in the right direction.

Are Their Any Detox Reactions?

About 20% of clients on SAC Therapy, do experience some ‘healing crisis’ in the first 3 months. Some people experience tiredness or sleepiness and others experience a slight increase in  pain in the spots that they had medical history or diseases.

This happens as the body adjusts to recover, and consider, bones are being rebuilt , so think like how a baby, often sleeps more than an adult, and consider how much a babies bones are growing.

SAC Calcium Therapy does not have any side effects, which is different from Healing Crisis. The long term results after this initial  3 months  for this group, shows very positive result, in increased bone density and reduction of pain.

This is an image of the MaraGen  Supplement, that comes in 250ml.


The solution tastes pretty much just like plain water.  The important part is that you have to mix 5 ml of the  Sac Solution in 500 ml of water, and you have to drink it on a empty stomach 2 hours after food. So first thing in the morning is ideal, plus you have to wait 30 minutes before you eat or drink anything else. This allow the best full absorption of the Sac Solution.


After  you intake, SAC’s, the  positive effects lasts about four hours in our body, initially raising the serum ionic calcium concentration to a higher, yet safe level to trigger various physiological functions before bringing down the serum ionic calcium concentration down to the average physiological level, during this time the calcification is being cleared up , the osteoblast and osteocast do their job, as they are re-energised by the SAC Therapy.

Osteoblast and Osteocast work hand in hand to build strong bones each part is equally needed. The Osteoblast rebuild the bone and Osteocast is the type of bone cell that breaks down worn out bone. This function is critical in the maintenance, repair, and remodelling of bones.

While ionic calcium level is elevated, through SAC Therapy, bone-building osteoblast with osteoclastic activity is triggered to raise the bone turnover rate, repairing and rebuilding bones. This process also activates idle protein-bound calcium, releasing both ionic calcium and protein, further fuelling bone-building and clearing body-wide calcification.

Ionic calcium also aids cellular metabolism, releasing more ATP which provides more energy to drive many processes in living cells.

As kidneys try to excrete excess ionic calcium through urination, an urge to urinate within an hour of taking SAC is experienced, which is both healthy and normal, indicating that SAC is working.


Bone health is directly related to our overall health. Emptier bone characterised by osteoporosis or osteopenia indicates not only a higher risk of fracture but also a greater chance of developing degenerative diseases. Why? Because emptying bones cause calcification in both cellular and systemic levels, causing cellular communications mayhem by disrupting calcium signalling.

Bone density reaches a peak around age 30 and starts to decrease around age 35. Women with menopause have a sharper
decline than men, posing a higher risk of osteoporosis. Stress, a sedentary lifestyle, and toxins accelerate the drop.

From The Inventor OF SAC Calcium

“Bone health is directly related to our overall health. Emptier bone characterised by osteoporosis or osteopenia indicates not only a higher risk of fracture but also a greater chance of developing degenerative diseases. Why? Because emptying bones cause calcification in both cellular and systemic levels, causing cellular communications mayhem by disrupting calcium signalling. Balancing calcium level is crucial as it can be the key to treating chronic degenerative diseases, including cancer. I hope SAC therapy brings renewed hope for many who are suffering”
Paul.K.Lee Ph.D. in Chemisty inventor of SAC Calcium


1. Only SAC provides physiologically active calcium that activates inactive calcium for full calcium utilisation.
2. Only SAC clears displaced calcium and brings it back to where it belongs, our bones, as it brings body-wide de-calcification.
3. Only SAC triggers therapeutic effects from the cellular to the systemic level.
4. Only SAC regulates body pH to ideal 7.4, which enhances oxygen delivery, inhibits pathogen spread, and eases inflammations.
5. Only SAC is the true ionic calcium delivery system. Unique without competition.


In the 10 years of scientific research with SAC Therapy at Pronuvia, their are many outstanding results, here are 2 common examples…

  1. A male age 66  T-Score Increase: 1.4 From osteopenia to normal in 4 months.
  2. A  62 old female  from severe osteoporosis to osteopenia in 3 months T-Score Increase: 1.2

Their are many more such case studies, if you would like to read the scientific research on these two cases and more please ( click here)

Where Can You Get SAC Therapy?

SAC Therapy is only available from doctors, clinics, and health care practitioners, to consenting patients who are looking for an adjacent and alternative treatments to help re build bone density T-scores for  people with osteoporosis, or other conditions that SAC Therapy can help with.

Antony Taylor, The Creator Of  this website, The Ozone Spa, is a practitioner of SAC Therapy, and offers SAC Therapy to his clients in the UK, he is based in Torquay Devon, and can offer consultation in person in Torquay or  via a video call to any where in the UK. A consultation with  Antony costs £35, if you would like to learn more, or book a consultation please go to our SAC Calcium Treatment page by clicking here 

SAC Therapy is available in other countries, so if you are not in the UK, please google your local area for a SAC Therapy practitioner, or contact Pronuvia who will let you know, who can look after you.

Any Further Questions 

We are genuinely here to help , so if you have any further questions, please contact us via our email:

To Your Innate Well-being 

Antony Taylor & Alejandra Garcia

Creator of  The Ozone and

Natural Health Coaches ,Authors of Your Greatest Wealth

Specialises In Ozone, SAC, Hydrogen, Nutritional Therapy and Mindset Meditation Techniques

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