6 Ways To Relieve A Headache

1.Reduce Stress

The most obvious cause of a headache can be over thinking and over worrying.  One way to ease basic worry is to see the situation your worrying about as clearly as possible, and it is often from worrying excessively about the future or dramatising it, makes it far worse.

So the technique on offer is to see if you can shorten the worrying story, into ONE SHORT SENTENCE. Then the idea is, from this more peaceful state,  you can take a step back from the story…

Then the idea is you can then rest more in your innate intelligence that can help you untangle this ball of tangled stress.  I  do cover more of this aspect using the 3 Principles in my book, “Your Greatest Wealth.” Yet once you can slow your thinking down, you will discover a profound insight which will surface from your innate intelligence that will help you so much.

2.Mineral Balancing

As with our Natural Health Program, we offer Mineral Testing, which pretty much helps any health issue. As regards dealing with Headaches, the Mineral test will high light any heavy metals that could be causing the headache such as aluminium, and if there is an excess or deficiency in a mineral that could be causing the headache, such as too much Magnesium.

3. Eliminating Intolerances

We also Intolerance Testing with our Natural Health Program because again it pretty much helps any health issue. As with headaches, intolerances can cause headaches, so by finding out which foods are causing the issue, is very beneficially. Also, it can identify house mold and pet intolerances that could also be adding to a headache

4.Getting Your Metabolic Type Right

There are 3 main different metabolic types, and by either filling in a free online questionnaire or better still seeing the results of your mineral test, you can see what metabolic type you are. Then you will know what ratio of protein to carbohydrate to fat suits your metabolism. If you consistently get this ratio wrong, this could cause headaches.

5.Balancing Your Bacteria

If you have an imbalance in bad bacteria, fungi or candida. These little nasties can produce hormones that make you crave sweet things excessively which they feed on. Then the by-product of their waste can cause foggy thinking/headaches. So by balancing your bacteria levels can also help. Which I cover in depth in my book ” Your Greatest Wealth”

6. Acknowledging

This is a very simple yet very effective technique for clearing a headache. In order to practice this, turn off your phone or any distractions for at least 5 minutes . Close your eyes and say to your self.

  • Where is a headache?
  • What Shape is it?
  • What Colour is it?

Then repeat

  • Where is a headache now?
  • What Shape is it?
  • What Colour is it?

Then repeat again once or twice more.

Sometimes simply by acknowledging it, and using this energetic technique, it can clear instantly.

So there you have 6 ways to relive a headache, let me know if you have any success stories or comments.

Stay well and enjoy Resting in Your Innate Intelligence. 

Tony Be 

Natural Wellness Coach 

If you need something extra, this Cefaly device has an 81% success rate on clearing migraines, and I have found from my clients it also helps with clearing headaches.

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