20 Ways To Release Back Pain

It is from my personal experience of having had chronic back pain and joint pain, that I’ve searched for ways to relieve my back pain. I wish I knew earlier how these different therapies work together to help ease chronic and Acute Back Pain.

In this blog, I will share with you the different therapies and Insights that I gained in healing my own back pain and the advice now I pass onto my clients.

1. Daily Causes

I found there can be very small daily repetitive activities that can add to back pain, such as your posture when checking messages on your mobile phone, to your sitting posture working on a laptop, to just sitting too long at a desk without taking a break.

The simple tip here is to consciously be aware to make your daily working activities as economical as possible, and take breaks short movement breaks throughout the day if your sitting at a desk for long periods at a time.

2. Emotional Causes

I believe a deep-seated negative emotion, can weaken your body posture, and also I believe if you are also carrying a negative state it is more likely that an injury could happen. This is what I have noticed in my own life and I’m only saying this to highlight, that if you have a more positive outlook, your posture is naturally better and you are often more aware of your surroundings which could lead to fewer accidents.

3. Health Supplements

The main health supplements I often use myself and recommend to my clients to easing joint pain are:-

  • MSM Sulphur with Molybedum ( Tissue Repair /Clearing Toxicity)
  • Boron (Maintains Healthy Bones)
  • Gelatin (Helps Strengthen Collagen)
  • Bone Broth Soups (Helps Strengthen Collagen)
  • Turpentine Oil ( Eases Muscle and Joint Pain)
  • Plasma Injection
  • Hydrolysed Collagen  (Helps Strengthen Collagen)

(As well as this I would also recommend the mineral test, to check the mineral levels and to see if any mineral imbalances that could be adding to the pain which I  offer on this website under Nutritional Testing.)


4. Massage Balls

There are many different types of  Massage Balls on the market, to help ease out back pain, I  started off with a cheap tennis ball and a dog ball and then I invested in some physio balls that have a slightly better texture to them, I found these great for those times in between getting a message.

If you are going to buy some massage balls for yourself. The technique for using them is to simply laying on the floor and place the ball near the area of pain and then roll on it, to create a massage effect. The great thing about this is that you are in total control, and you can massage that pain spot just how you need it.

5.Phiten Tape

I  have found  Phiten Tape to give me and my clients instant pain relief. Phiten tape has a backing of titanium, the technology is simple, in that pain has one electrical charge and titanium has the opposite charge and my experience of this is that it brings extra circulation to that pain area, then in turn healing happens faster in that area from this. It is very easy to apply.

6.Chinese Cupping

Chinese Cupping has been used for thousands of years in China to ease out back pain, you can see a  qualified acupuncturist to apply these cups which I do recommend.

Yet you can also buy a set of suction cups yourself and simply place a suction cup on areas of pain and leave the cups on for 5 to 20 minutes, simple to use and very effective.

Once you have had a cupping session it looks like you’ve had some crazy love bites, but these marks go down fairly quickly, but on a strong cupping session it can take 2 to 3 days for the marks to fade away, the theory is tension is being pulled out.

7.Inversion Table

I’ve got an Inversion Table at home and what I like about it, is you get an instant result of easing back pain.

An inversion table allows you to be comfortable upside down or at an inverted angle while hanging by the legs, ankles, or feet for 3 to 5minutes, the result of this, is that it reverses the effects of gravity on the spine, which bring relief from a decompressed spine.

8. Back Rehabilitation Exercises

I believe back rehabilitation exercises are key to healing back pain, yet I would recommend seeing an expert work out exactly what exercises you need, or to go to a weekly class. The best rehabilitation exercises I have come across are.

  • The Egoscue Method
  • Physio
  • Pilates
  • TRE Tension Release Exercise

All of these techniques help strengthen or stretch tight or weak muscles helping them come back to balance. It is all about working out which muscles are long and which are short and then working out a routine to balance them out. My insight is to get curious about your posture and muscles.

9.Feldenkrais Method

I have found Feldenkrais movements to be very effective for releasing muscles that seem to be locked in.

The nice thing with these movements is that even if the body is in a lot of pain and can hardly move, the gentleness and the profound awareness of Feldenkrais movements can be used in even those times when you think you can’t do anything.

Feldenkrais movements work’s on a very deep subtle layer.

To find out more youtube The Feldenkrais Method, or google for local practitioners, highly recommend as with Somatic Movements.

10. The Ozone Spa Torquay

As I run The Ozone Spa here in Torquay, I have to mention it, as the Hocatt Ozone Chamber and the Hu=Go PEMF we use is getting great testimonies in easing joint pain. If you would like to learn more, on the heading, there is a button called The Ozone Spa.

11.Osteopaths/Cranial Osteopath

Osteopaths are highly skilled practitioners in helping to align the muscles and the structure of the body, they have helped me allot on healing my back pain, and I often recommend local practitioners.


The good things I find with Chiropractors is that I get an instant result, but the downside I find is sometimes the adjustment does not last that long, because I have found if the muscles are still tight and out of alignment the adjustment can quickly go back out of place. So if I see a Chiropractor  I often combine it with a deep tissue massage which I find works much better.

13. Atlas Profilax

Atlas Profilax is a treatment to help get the top vertebrae in place,  I have found many practitioners struggle to get this top vertebra in place and this therapy specializes in this. To find out more go to. http://www.atlasprofilax.ch/en/method/

14. Spinal Fluid & Sperm

Semen And Spinal Fluid Share Common Ingredients and it is hypothesized that the body, in this case, will choose reproduction over health. This tip here for Men, in that too much ejaculation, can weaken the spinal fluid. The insight here is healthy moderation.

15.Gall Bladder Flush

Pain on the right side of the body can be caused by Gall Bladder stones, and a gallbladder flush as described in my book Your Greatest Wealth can help clear some of these stones and in turn, it can help ease the pain on the right side of the body. I do a gallbladder flush about once a year now. Yet when I started doing these flushes, I had to do quite a few once a month to clear out the build-up of waste in my gallbladder.

16. Scenar Therapy

SCENAR stands for  (Self-Controlled Neuro-Adaptive Regulator) is one of the most advanced pieces of pain relief treatment technology currently available.

It is a revolutionary bio-electrical medical device used by healthcare professionals to treat acute and chronic pain, sports injuries, arthritis, back pains, inflammations and a growing list of other conditions.

You can buy your own device and it is easy to learn how to use it, or you can google for local practitioners in your area. An absolutely brilliant way of easing the pain using scalar waves.


TRE stands for Tension Release Exercise or Trauma Release Exercise. This is a great therapy for releasing tension and it allows the body to rebalance itself through spontaneous shaking movements.


18. Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy involves soft rolling movements over the muscles to ease out the pain. I still remember my first treatment, I was on cloud 9 afterward, from the reduction of pain.

19.Mouth Alignment

If the jaw is out of alignment it can cause a domino effect on the spine, if you suspect your jaw is out of alignment, it may be worth seeing orthodontics to see if the jaw can be aligned with the spine. My own jaw was out by quite a way and it took about 2 years of having a brace to correct the alignment, although I was happy with the end result. Yet the stress that it caused in my body during that time was a lot, and I would be cautious to recommend this to anyone over the age of 25.


I consider Rolfing to be one of the best therapies for easing out back pain. I say this because I had a tight soleus muscle for about 15 years and I worked with many different therapies as above to release this muscle, yet many therapies helped, yet it was from my third Rolfing treatment that my soleus muscle let go of the tightness it was holding. The main difference I found with Rolfing is that many other areas of the body are prepared before the practitioner works on the main pain point. My understanding of this now is that if there is holding or miss alignment in other areas of your body when you do the work on the pain point, the benefits may only last a short period of time

To find a local practitioner go to  https://www.rolfinguk.co.uk/

As you can see there are many aspects to releasing back pain, and its understanding of how many different areas of healing come together and work personally for you.

I believe it is the combination and persistence of the above healing modalities can release stubborn back pain.

To your health & happiness


Health & Wellness Coach

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