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About The Ozone Spa

We opened The Ozone Spa in 2017, offering Ozone Sauna Sessions. Over the years we have expanded adding in Hydrogen Therapy, AIC Therapy, PEMF, Nutritional Testing, Aqua Bella Facials and we also give meditation classes to help ease stress levels.

Our goal is to source and distil the best natural health protocols and make them as simple to understand and effective in use, to help our clients improve their health and quality of life.

The therapies we offer can help our clients with from easing joint pain, reducing inflammation, balancing weight issues and anti ageing treatments.

This video shows you an overview tour of The Ozone Spa.

Also if you are interested we also have a  face book page which you are more than welcome to join. The face book page is completely free and will let you know about any up coming events , and the latest wellness tips that we are discovering.


Karen Stevens

The Hocatt Ozone Steam Chamber is a fantastic piece of equipment...
I'm pain-free from arthritic joints for the first time on 3 years. 
A relaxing environment and Tony's warmth and depth of knowledge about health is a bonus to a treatment I can only describe as miraculous.

your greatest wealth tony be testimonial 1

Amura Peters

Tony has been a massive help on my healing journey.

He generously and passionately shared his time and vast knowledge, helping me to overcome challenges and regaining full health. I am very grateful for Tony's support and can't recommend him enough. 

your greatest wealth tony be testimonial 2

Cheryl Ford

I had been fighting CFS/ME for a number of years and more recently undergone treatment for Breast Cancer when Tony was recommended to me. As well as being very knowledgeable about health and nutrition, Tony also introduced me to the 3 Principles, and for this I will be eternally grateful. It has changed my life! Of course life still throws me challenges, but I have a new found resilience which enables me to embrace life and whatever comes with it, taking things in my stride. I am living my life in a way I never thought possible. I'm so much more at peace with myself. Thank you Tony! Xx



Tony is an amazing naturopath. His ozone machine is fantastic. I have had reduced pain levels as a result and also picked up tips on remedies and diet. Can't recommend this place enough.


Jodieanne English


This treatment has changed my life. Almost a year ago I was overweight, suffering with high blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems and frequent migraines. I heard about the Hocatt treatment from a friend and went to meet Tony and check it out, never dreaming that my life would change so drastically. From the very first treatment I felt clearer and more in touch with my body. I made a decision to pursue health. After just 5 treatments I was able to approach my doctor about helping me to get off my prescription tablets. My blood pressure was now normal, my headaches a thing of the past. It took me a further few months to get off the indigestion tablets for my reflux problems but with my improved diet and perseverance I achieved even this. I have now lost 50 pounds in weight and am still losing. I am a small woman and was grossly overweight. I expect to be at my ideal weight in 6 months or so but this is a natural progression and I barely even think about it. Now I have treatments when I want to, as a top up, but mostly just for fun. After Ozone Therapy I feel re-energised and refreshed. I have begun a course of meditation and every day is a joy to live. Thank you, Ozone Spa!


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